Table Manners with Daisy the Chihuahua. Daisy is a bit of a character and quite nervous regarding most people's intentions. She used to be very difficult to pick up due to her propensity to think all strangers were no good and out to do her evil. If she even thought you were thinking about picking her up she would scream. And if you were so foolish as to even try to pick her up she would thrash and bite you. While we still have be careful and calm around her, you can now  see she is quite trusting and allows almost all our employees to pick her up. With our training she has come a long way!

This is Addison and she has already been taught how to target an object with her front feet. In this case its an upside down rubber feed bowl. We use objects like this to teach and practice different positions in relation to our bodies. In this case its heel position. This is allowing us to practice the difficult skill of pivoting while staying in heel position. 

Here Chip is learning not only to target the bowl with his feet but to get to it from many directions and to come off when he hears the release "OK". Having his feet on a target makes it pretty easy to get him to stay even when I open the door. 

Buffet is a Schnoodle that gets a Schnauzer clip in the spring and summer and a fluffy, one length all over look in the rest of the year. The husband gets the look he wants for part of the year and the wife gets her way the other part of the year! So you can have your cake and eat it too! This was my first time wearing a go pro camera on my chest as I groomed. It looked really funny but took a good video for not having a cameraman!

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