Daycare Pricing
Full Day (over 4 hours) $29
Half Day (less than 4 hours) $19
Add-on to a Full Groom $19

Daycare Passports
10 Day Daycare Passport $261
30 Day Daycare Passport $754
75 Day Daycare Passport $1885

Late pickup fee $35 (after closing)
No Show Fee $25 (at our discretion without 24 hour notice)

Board Pricing per dog, includes daycare*
Bunk Charge per day/night (any size)   $48 
Suite Charge per day/night (any room) $68

Boarding Passports, includes daycare*
10 Day Bunk Boarding Passport $432 
20 Day Bunk Boarding Passport $816 
30 Day Bunk Boarding Passport $1185 
10 Day Suite Boarding Passport $612 
20 Day Suite Boarding Passport $1156 
30 Day Suite Boarding Passport $1700 
* does not include daycare after checkout time of 11:00 am on pickup day. 

Other Boarding Charges
Brushing add-on $15 per session
Medication per dose complimentary 
Injection per dose complimentary
Trip to your Vet $75 plus cost of Visit
Trip to Hilliard Vet (next door) $25 plus cost of visit 
Use of House Food $3 per meal
Unusual Feeding directions $2 per meal
Bird Boarding $20 per night

DaySchool Pricing
DaySchool 20 min session - $25 (does not include daycare)
DaySchool full day - $50

DaySchool Passports
DaySchool Passport - 10 days - $470 -  (SAVE $30)
DaySchool Passport - 20 days - $890 -  (SAVE $110)

1 hr Private Session at your home $85 
1.5 hr Private Session at your home $110

Base Rate for Groom Packages (dogs under 25#) (inquire at front desk for larger dogs)
Small dog bath $30 - includes: bath, nails, ears, anals, 10 min. brushing 
Small dog Glory Bath $40 - includes the above plus sanitary trim, face & foot trim
Small dog Full Groom $62 - includes the above plus a full hair cut by a Groomer with over 5 years experience.
Difficult Dog Full Groom by Specialist Groomer starts at $80 - includes the above plus a full hair cut by a Groomer specializing in difficult dogs, 
Medium, Large and xtra Large dogs are always more please inquire at front desk.

Inquire at front desk for starting rate for dogs larger than 25 lbs.

Groom Pricing a la Carte:
Nail Clipping  $14
Nail Grinding  $20
Ear Cleaning  $12
Brushing, 10 min. add on session $15
Anal Gland Expression w/butt bath  $15
Teeth Treatment  $12
Tick Removal $10
Sanitary Trim  $14
Face & Foot trim  $14
Any 2 a la Carte $6 off

Grooming Add-Ons
Rush Service $20
Matt caused shave down starts at $15 (minimum) ask your groomer...
De-matting $1.00 per min. $15 minimum ask your groomer...
De-shedding $1.00 per min. $15 minimum
Excessive Brushing $1.00 per min. $15 minimum
Special Needs/Handling Charge $20 minimum could be more
Sit n Soak Medicated Bath $15 (your shampoo or ours)
Sit n Soak Flea Bath $15
Teeth Treatment $12
Fancy Clip Charge $20 additional
Hair coloring $60 and up, Ask your groomer
Sculpting Trim (mohawks etc.) Ask your groomer
Hand Stripping $80 and up, Ask your groomer

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