Is your dog:

Prone to ear infections?
Paw Licking?

Do you struggle with understanding dog food labels? Does the plethora of brands and versions confuse you? Do you have any idea what "All natural", "Grass Fed", "Grass Raised", "Organic", and "Vegetarian fed" mean and if they are really important?

Petite Pet Inn has a certified Pet Nutrition Specialist on staff to help you answer those questions and more. We are committed to helping every dog owner find the best nutrition for their dog, to support the immune system for healing, if disease is present, or to simply find the best food for your dog to create optimum nutrition for a long, healthy and happy life.

Call Petite Pet Inn today to schedule a Nutrition Consultation or to inquire about our next class on "Optimum Nutrition Your Dog and You".

P.S. we don't sell any dog food

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