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Chances are you are NOT feeding your dog "food", but are actually feeding your dog "feed". There is a big difference between the FDA's definition of "food" and "feed". Food grade is what is cleared for people to eat and Feed grade is everything else that is not fit for human consumption. Think about that for a minute. Manufacturers may call it food on the label but regulatory wise its actually "feed". That means anything not fit for human consumption may be included as long as its on the list of FDA's approved ingredient list. 

Did you know that "feed" can include "material from diseased animals" or "contamination by filth" or "contamination by industrial chemicals"? Yes folks your dog may be eating diseased or contaminated "feed" ingredients. 

Ever wonder what happens to the millions of pounds of recalled meat and produce? Ever wonder where it all goes? What about all those dead and dying animals that get pulled off our roadways? Ever think about all the money that company's loose when they are forced to recall? Ever assume that it all gets thrown away to rot in a landfill somewhere? 

I bet you didn't know that all that diseased, contaminated, adulterated, "food" probably ends up in your dogs dish! Bet you didn't know that its common practice for dog food companies or suppliers to such companies to include recalled "food" in their formulations. I bet you didn't know that "meat meal" is a mystery formulation that may include (and probably does) animals that died from means other than slaughter like road kill, euthanized horses, dogs and cats. Add to that all the recalled and unsold rotting meats not fit for human consumption. Folks none of that gets wasted. They use it in animal feed which includes pet "food".  And don't think they take the time to unwrap any of it either. 

If you would like more information regarding what is allowed into pet foods please click on this link, "Is it Feed or Food?".

So what is a pet owner to do? How do you know you are feeding a good quality pet food that will keep your pet healthy and long lived? A food that is as free from adulteration, heavy metals, medication, bacteria and other contaminants as possible? Its hard. Its hard to ignore the pretty packages and read the actual ingredients. Its hard to understand just what those "feed" ingredient definitions are. Its hard to trust "big pet food" to do the right thing. But there are websites out there to help you and Petite Pet Inn is here to help guide you through the confusion.

Petite Pet Inn has a certified Pet Nutrition Specialist on staff to help you answer those questions and more. We are committed to helping every dog owner find the best nutrition for their dog, to support the immune system for healing, if disease is present, or to simply find the best food for your dog to create optimum nutrition for a long, healthy and happy life.

Call or email Petite Pet Inn today to enquire about a Nutrition Consultation or to inquire about our next class on "Help! What Do I Feed My Dog!".

P.S. we don't sell any dog food

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