MASKS REQUIRED TO ENTER THE BUILDING - We have courtesy masks if you forget yours. Hand sanitizer at entry is available. We are working on all staff being vaccinated and we still all wear masks when interacting with clients. All unvaccinated staff wear a mask at all times.  
Petite Pet Inn has been open throughout this entire Pandemic. We are committed to the health and well being of not only our pet guests but to all our pet owners as well. Below you will find the steps, policies and procedures we have put into place to keep everyone, staff and customers alike, safe from Covid-19. Please take a few moments to read about the steps we are taking and don't hesitate to call our front desk with any questions you may have. 804-622-8277
Hours of Operation UPDATE:
Monday thru Friday 7 to 7 (back to our standard weekday hours)
Saturday 9 to 5. Sunday hours between 3 and 5.  

Boarding has been reopened starting May 21st. Call now to make your reservations! PLEASE CALL TO SCHEDULE YOUR DROP OFF AND PICK UP TIMES TO ALLOW FOR A SMOOTH EXPERIENCE. Or you may find yourself waiting outside or in car for a chance to get into the lobby. Please allow extra time for this as only one family unit allowed in lobby at a time. 

Training has been reopened as of May 11th! our trainer is anxious to teach your dog some english!

Daycare is fully open again! We do ask that everyone continue to make appointments for daycare so we know how many dogs to expect each day. Appointments can be made by simply calling ahead (804-622-8277) or logging into or creating an account with our operating software PetExec. (click here) . Every client already in our system has an account with PetExec, but you may need to get a new password to access it. See below for info on how to do that. 
(go to petexec link underlined above, click on forgot password, you will be asked to enter your password, please use the one we have on file, click reset password. You will get an email with a password reset link. Once that is done you will be able to log in and make your daycare appt. on line!)

Grooming appointments are being made and kept as usual. Hair just keeps growing! Melanie and Jacquline are keeping their days and hours.  
Please be patient with us as we work through this difficult time. Make your appointments early as all groomers fill up weeks in advance. Please give us 2 days advance notice if you plan to cancel your appointment so we can give your slot to someone else. If we don't get enough notice and we can't fill your slot there will be a late cancellation fee and that means less money in your pocketbook as well as less money in your groomers paycheck. 

Drop off Protocol: (MASK REQUIRED - practicing social distancing)
1. Once you arrive in the parking lot. You may proceed to the front door and buzz to be let in. Only one family group in the lobby at a time. Please remain behind the circular fence unless asked to approach the front desk. BE AWARE TO KEEP YOUR DOG ON LEASH AND TO KEEP THE EXTERIOR DOOR CLOSED UNTIL YOUR DOG IS SAFELY IN OUR CARE. 
2. We will ask you the usual questions and get your info. 
3. Regarding lunches or treats. If its absolutely necessary to bring a lunch, please label it with your dogs name and bring only enough for that one meal. 

Pick up Protocol: (MASK REQUIRED - practicing social distancing)
1. Once you arrive in the parking lot.  Proceed to the front door IF there are no other clients in lobby. Only one family unit at a time allowed in the lobby.
2. Payment will be made with your credit card on file. (also accepting cash and check) Please let front desk know if you wish to leave a tip and the amount. (our chaparone staff work hard to keep your dogs safe.)

Special Grooming Procedures: 
1.  All towels are always one use then washed. 
2. All crates are sanitized in-between dogs.
3. Tools are sanitized frequently throughout the day 

Products we use to sanitize:
WysiWash for floors, toys, slip leads, and deep cleaning crates.
OdorBan for cleaning up pee and poo, crates and crate pans, and all human touch surfaces like knobs, switches and gates. 
Clippercide, Andis Cool Care and Barbicide for sanitizing grooming equipment including blades, scissors and brushes. 

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask by calling 804-622-1556

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