Fabulous not only for the physical health benefits, but also for building your dogs confidence and life experience! Just look at "Gaga" the 4 pound Papillon in the photo above, confidently enjoying a kayak outing! Not only did she learn how to swim, but she learned to be comfortable in a life jacket and comfortable on the bow of a kayak. 
- A Complete form of exercise - 1 min. of swimming = 4 min. of running!
- Joint friendly exercise! Aerobic exercise without straining joints.
- Great for mental wellbeing too! Helps with mental stimulation and a source of life contrast. 
- Great to help loose a little weight without stressing joints!
- Its therapeutic and can improve range of motion.
- Helps build core strength when balancing on a floating object like our boogie board
- Builds additional life skills!
- Lifesaving! Builds stamina for swimming that may save your dogs life if they ever fall into water!
- They learn how to properly swim by keeping front feet down and bum up!
- The goal is for your dog to be able to swim properly and confidently without the need of a life jacket.
A little housekeeping: Swimming may not be suitable for dogs with certain medical conditions, especially heart conditions. Please check with your your vet for written permission before swimming dogs with serious medical issues. Dogs with possibly contagious skin issues are also not allowed to swim. 
Our Pool is CLORINE FREE and SALT FREE. We use a weak solution of food grade H2O2 (Hydrogen perioxide) in our pool for safe and superior disinfection. That is the only thing in our pool besides water! No harmful chemicals to dry out your dogs coat! 
PURCHASE A SEASON PASS TODAY or PAY AS YOU GO! For $100 you can get a season pass for the entire summer! Or choose the pay as you go option for $10 per swim. We will be swimming dogs every NON RAINY day, monday thru friday, until the kids go back to school in September. 

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