Petite Pet Inn's Doggie DaySchool is a type of structured daycare where we train your dog for you. We take only a limited number of students a day and we limit the size of doggie students to 25 pounds and under. Your dog’s day will be filled with Positive Reinforcement training, exercise, and socialization. 
Who can attend? Dogs and Puppies over 12 weeks of age with 2 sets of vaccinations. All dogs must be 25 lbs or 13 inches and under. Our facility is not appropriate for larger dogs. All male dogs over the age of 5 months must be neutered. 
How will my dog spend the day? Your dog or puppy will spend part of the day learning new skills, part of the day polishing learned skills and part of the day socializing with the other trainees, or our daycare dogs. If your dog needs to work on crating skills we will work on that as well by crating them in-between some training sessions. 
What will my dog learn?  Wlike to tell people that we teach them “ English”. We spend a lot of time teaching them the words for behaviors they already can do. All dogs can sit, lay down, stand up, run towards people, look at people, stay in one spot for a while and so forth. The problem is that they can't understand the English language enough for them to realize what we are asking. We also help them with motivation and good habits, so that when we say "sit" they are motivated or habituated to sit for us and you. 
We help them to generalize cue's or commands that have been partly taught as well as teach them a bunch of new behaviors. We expect our students to eventually, sit for doors, wait back at thresholds, sit when asked, down when asked, stay on a platform or mat when asked and not leave till given permission, remain quiet in a crate, enter a crate willingly, to come when called in many situations and to walk politely on a slack leash. Those are just the basics, there are so many more things we like to teach like Agility, Nosework, Tricks, and Confidence building.  
Can you help me with specific issues? Yes we can. We have a program for dogs fearful of grooming procedures called "Table Manners". We are very successful helping dogs to tolerate things like nail clipping and other grooming procedures using positive reinforcement when we can and clickers with negative reinforcement if the dog is too scared to eat. We also work with extremely fearful dogs that cannot be touched or picked up. We can help you with your dog. 
How do I know what you are teaching my dog? Can I practice at home?  We will take a history of your dog when you enroll. That gives us information about your dog so we have somewhere to start with our training. We always have to start with what the dog brings to the table. Then each day we will email you with some of the exercises and training we did that day, as well as any suggestions for things you can do at home. 
Private lessons can be scheduled for a more focused training session and so you can practice new skills with the help of the instructor. Please check out the Information tab to see the price list for these services. We suggest one private lessons after every 10 DaySchool days. Quite often we video tape sessions and add them to our youtube page so you can see them there. (see the link in the upper right hand corner of this page). We will also be embedding videos on this site soon so look for them HERE on the media page.
We will always let you know when a new skill is suitable for practice at home. We will be working hard to proof your dog’s new skills and ensure the skills transfer to you. Private transfer sessions help you to understand and maintain your dogs new skills. 
When Can we get started?  Right Away! We have several options for enrolling in DaySchool. You may just "Add-on" a short 20 min training session to a regular daycare day. We will pull your dog out of daycare for the short session then put them back into daycare for the rest of the day. We recommend this for dogs just needing to polish learned skills or for an experienced dog to learn the trick of the day. 
Next you can opt for an entire day of training. Your dog will then participate in at least 4 training sessions through out the day, possibly get to train and work in the surrounding neighborhoods, go on field trips, and still get time to play a bit with friends. They go home exhausted.
Is there a time frame, or when does the training end? That depends. It depends on what you would like us to accomplish and how quickly your dog learns. We always have to start with what the dog brings to the table. Dogs are like children that don't speak our language. First we have to teach them how to learn, then we have to teach them some English words then we can start on teaching new skills and behaviors. And just like children, some learn quickly and some learn at a slower pace. Each dog is different. 
The more you support at home what we teach here, the faster it all goes. Most dogs can learn some basic English words and a few skills (kindergarten stuff), in about 8 weeks. Remember we will most likely only have them for 2 days a week and they only train "one on one" for part of the day. So the longer your dog stays in School the more stuff they learn and the more reliable they become.  If you want your dog to stay in "school" we have the ability to teach them all sorts of advanced skills. We have many clients that have kept their dog in "school" with us for a years. 

Important things to know for DaySchool:
- All dogs must have proof they are current on your Veterinarian's vaccination protocol. We do accept titers and holistic care approaches.
- This Doggy DaySchool is for campers 25 lbs or 13 inches and under.
- Puppies must be a minimum of 12 weeks of age and have had 2 sets of vaccinations
- Males must be neutered if over 5 months of age. 
- Hours for drop off 7am to 9am
- Hours for pickup 4pm to 7pm
- Be sure to fill out the training questionnaire 
- Do not feed your dog the morning of training (we feed them plenty)
- Do bring 1 baggie FULL of tiny bits of MEAT or cheese that they can eat. Suggestions: frozen italian meatballs, nitrate    free hot dogs, boiled chicken, String Cheese, bits of leftover steak and so forth. If you have a puppy you should bring ALL your puppies food for the day and we will parcel it out throughout the day while training. Most dogs will NOT work for dry dog food OR hard dry treats. Please bring something that is high value for them. Real meat works best. 
- Please don’t drop off earlier nor pickup later. We start School promptly at 9:00
- Late pickup fee will be charged for any late pickups, no exceptions.
Please click on the INFO tab above to get to our Pricing page for pricing information. 

Gurley learning heel position and automatic sit at heel with Skip Sits. Donna is the trainer and she uses positive reinforcement with a Clicker. 

Addison uses her "feet up" targeting skills to learn how to pivot in heel position. We often use targeting to teach other behaviors like this. Targeting is an essential skill for a dog to understand. And makes learning other important behaviors so easy. 

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