At Petite Pet Inn we pride ourselves on having an incredible home away from home atmosphere for your small dog. We take pride in our facility and it shows! There are several marked differences that set our daycare apart from other facilities.
- Our Doggie Daycare is exclusively for dogs 25 lbs or 13" and under. 
- When you tour we hope you notice the lack of odor! 
- Full Day and 1/2 day Daycare
- Discounted Daycare with a full groom. 
- Experienced, caring and loving staff.
- Comfortable furniture for dogs to hangout on.
- And did I mention our lack of odor?
- Dogs play inside unless the weather outside is lovely.
- Play groups have potty breaks every 2 hours to help your dog remain housebroken.
- Piddle pads and fire hydrant available in our Couch Potato Lounge.
- Dogs are allowed to follow us from room to room.
- Large indoor and outdoor play areas.
- Outdoor play areas are stimulating with ramps, stairs, and tunnels.
- Landscaped backyard with real boats to play on!
- Plenty of toys, not just tennis balls.
- All outdoor areas sanitized daily including the real grass.
- We DO turn away predatory and true dog/dog aggressive dogs. They have no place here.
- Daycare dogs play or hangout all day from 7am to 7pm, we don't crate daycare dogs. 
- We believe Happiness and Health go hand in hand.
The greatest compliment we often get is "Gosh! I can't smell anything! No cover up smells, no pee, no poop, and you have how many dogs in this building?"

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