​​​​Petite Pet Inn is the Best Place for Grooming and here is why:
We Groom Difficult Dogs!
If you have a dog that is difficult to groom please call and ask for a Free groom consult with Jacquline. She will give your dog an honest assessment to determine if she can groom your Special Needs pup! 
- 2 Groomers with over 20 years of grooming experience!
- Small dog grooming specialists!
- Security cameras focused on the grooming tables and bath tubs.
- State of the art "Groomers Helper" on every groom table. 
- All Natural Coconut oil based shampoos!
- Nano Bubbles (shampoo free) bathing available for dogs with severe skin allergies.
- Richmond's only Whirlpool Spa for small dogs, great for sore muscles.
- Crate free grooming if you choose our discounted daycare option
- We groom difficult dogs that other groomers turn away​​​​​​​
Make your appointment today! Call 804-622-1556

Lady Gaga and her Unicorn Tail

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