Petite Pet Inn is a full service dog boarding facility that caters to small dogs 25 lbs or 13" and under. Whether its one night or thirty, we can accomodate you. Your dog will participate in Doggie Daycare or Doggie DaySchool with all our other guests during the day. Then at bedtime has his/her own comfy bed to bunk down in at night. Meals and snacks are also taken in their own private sleeping quarters. 
Speaking of meals and snacks: If you don't bring it we don't feed it. Diarrhea can be caused by a sudden change in diet. That's why we insist that you bring enough of your dogs food for the entire stay plus 2 days (just in case you are delayed), and that you provide any other treats or snacks that you wish your dog to eat while here. If you are participating in Doggie DaySchool please see that section on what types of food is necessary for training purposes.
We have 3 meal times per day: We can accommodate most dog's feeding schedules. Your dog will have access to his or her food 3 times per day. We recommend that you bring something your dog can eat at each mealtime, even if its only one small dog treat. We don’t want your dog to feel left out at any mealtime when their buddies are munching on something yummy. Its been proven that dog’s do have a sense of whats fair and whats not. 
For mealtime emergencies: We do have premium canned food available to feed our guests should they run out of their own food. However, there is a surcharge per meal served. Your dog may be at risk of having diarrhea due to the sudden change in food so bringing extra of your own just in case of an emergency, is prudent.   
Special Feeding directions: We can accomodate most special feeding directions. However, special feeding directions that take quite a bit more staff time, will incur a surcharge per meal. Examples include: using the microwave, handfeeding, watching the dog eat, or extremely complicated feeding directions. Inquire at the front desk.
Medications/Health Issues: If your dog requires medication while boarding, we can accommodate most of the medical needs a pet owner would be in charge of providing:
- Pills given by hand (owner provides the pill hiding material).
- Sub-Q injections, this includes insulin. (no muscular injections).
- Application of sprays and creams for various issues.
- Eye Cleaning or wiping.
- Heart worm medication and Flea product application.
- Cleaning of body folds and facial folds.
- Liquid medication administration.
- Coat brushing (additional charge incurs).
Bunk Accommodations: We have plenty of comfy bedding for your dog to use while here but you are allowed to bring yours from home. We do require that all bedding from home be FRESHLY LAUNDERED before bringing to us. Your bedding must be small enough to fit into the bunk where your dog will sleep and eat. Also the entire bedding MUST be able to fit into a standard washer/dryer.  This policy helps us keep our facility pest free!  We reserve the right to turn away any bedding not deemed freshly washed or unable to fit into our washer and dryer. PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING YOU BRING - We do not guarantee the safe return of any items brought from home.
Suites vs Bunks: Dogs are pack animals and thrive in a group setting. Your dog will have spent the entire day making friends, lounging and playing with other dogs. In our observation, most dogs generally do better sleeping in a bunk right next to someone they have been hanging out with all day. While we do have several suites available at an additional cost, its been our experience that most dogs actually do best in a bunk. Suites tend to isolate dogs from all the buddies they made that day. However, in some cases a suite is the best solution for dogs with special needs. 
Unhappy dogs: A dog barking all night is not a happy dog. It also keeps our other guests up and causes them quite a bit of stress. Anytime we encounter a dog unhappy with their sleeping arrangements, we will try ALL our different sleeping options until we find a solution that will satisfy your dog. We will try different locations throughout the facility like the managers office or even the kitchen. On occasion we will board a dog in a puppy playpen in the large romp room or try a suite. Whatever will help them settle so everyone can get a little shut eye. On rare occasions we have encountered dogs that are just not safe to board with us due to severe seperation anxiety. This would be a dog that self mutalates or screams constantly during the night. We will always let you know, and we make our recommendations and decisions based on your dogs best interest.

This is an old Petite Pet Inn video showcasing a few rescue dogs that we housed temporarily while homes were sought for them. They have all since found their forever home.

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