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Dog Boarding

Leave your Petite pet with us, to have piece of mind, that your loved companion will be well taken care of, in our home away from home atmosphere. We provide the best atmosphere for your canine companion, by providing a safe and FUN atmosphere. Never fear when leaving your pet with us, we are there for you.

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Dog Daycare

We provide a home like environment your Petite Pet will feel comfortable in. With sofas, comfy chairs by the large windows, toys to play with, laps to cuddle on, sandboxes for digging, wading pools in summer, landscaped yards, huge romp room, activities, and lots of other Petite Pets just like yours to pal around with. Your Petite Pet will feel loved and cared for while you are out of town or just away for the day.

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Dog Grooming

With 3 groomers on staff we are certain to have a hairstylist for your pet you will love. Since we also have trainers on staff we can help your Petite Pet overcome his or her fear of grooming procedures. We call it “Table Manners”. If your pet hates nail clipping or you have been told that your pet needs to be sedated to be groomed, we can help! Your Petite Pet does not have to think of grooming as torture. Let us help you and your Petite Pet!

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Dog Day School

We also specialize in training. We are highly attuned to the special needs and challenges of Petite dogs. We can help with separation anxiety, shyness, and fear based behaviors as well as just plain old obedience. Our trainers are experienced in positive reinforcement training. We feel that training should be a partnership, and your Petite Pet should be a joyful and willing participant.

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Pet Photography

Don’t forget a great portrait of your Petite Pet. Our photographer is none other than Donna Anderson, Petite Pet Inn’s owner. She specializes in custom closeups and memory photos of your special little one. We have plenty of examples here and in the lobby.

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Custom Sewing

Have a special outfit that does not fit you anymore? Don’t toss it out! Let Donna do her magic and create a one of a kind harness for your Petite Pet using your special fabric and a bit of imagination! We can also make our famous Pee Pockets and Pee Panties for your incontinent Petite Men and Petite Ladies! See our photos page for some lovely examples.

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