Weight loss/Allergies

photo of dog chart showing different fatness

At Petite PET INN & SPA we can help you with questions concerning your pets diet related health. Many of todays  health issues are related to diet or chemicals our pets are exposed to every day. Does your pet exhibit some of these symptoms?

  • Tear staining
  • Feet, or other body part, licking
  • Constant ear infections
  • Over weight
  • Under weight
  • intense itching with no fleas present
  • A sudden over abundance of fleas with a dog that does not have a history of fleas
  • Allergies or allergic responses
  • loss of hair or body sores
  • dry thinning hair
  • coat texture change
  • constant or frequent diarrhea

With some symptoms of course, your vet needs to test and rule out things like parasites or disease. Once this has been done we can help you figure out a diet for your pet to help support your pets immune system, to help control many of these symptoms. We'll help you wade through all the ingredient gobbly gook and find a diet your pet won't be allergic to, and come up with a plan to either help your dog loose, gain or maintain weight. Dogs at proper body weight live longer and live healthier. 

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